Frequently Asked Questions

Where will we meet?

Sessions will be in either in your home, our Broad Ripple studio, your yard, or your favorite park. If you don’t have a favorite park, we have several that we can recommend. We can also shoot in urban settings like the Indianapolis canal, downtown Noblesville, etc.

Why do I have to pay a session fee?

Session fees include the photographer’s time, talent, and help during your photo shoot.  Our job does not stop at the photography session.  Many hours are put in after the session in preparing your images.

What should I expect?

Depending on the photo shoot you choose, we will spend up to two hours together. We will acquaint ourselves with your pet(s) so that they will feel more comfortable with us before we start photographing. Feel free to bring any personal items that you would like to include in your session. This could be a favorite toy or blanket. Our goal is to help you and your family relax, have fun, and be yourselves.  More than anything, don’t be afraid to play with your pets during our session.

What should we wear?

Clothing choice is always the biggest decision when planning your session. Children look great in fun, bold colors, textures or patterns. Avoid large logos or clothing that may take the focus off of your child. Jeans and sweaters, hats, scarves and boots are fun for winter and fall. Sundresses and lighter clothing are fun for the summer months. Families don’t have to wear all the same color or matching outfits, I suggest choosing from the same color family.  For example, in the fall you may want to choose warm colors like browns, reds, oranges, and yellows.  Lay the clothes out together and see how well they complement each other.  We don't mind wardrobe changes for the pets during the shoot!

Will I get to see all of the images and decide which ones I want edited?

No.  We retain the rights to which images are chosen to be edited and presented to you.  If you know of a certain type of look you want in an image, please feel free to tell us before the session.  We will do everything we can to provide you with the images you want.

Why can’t I see the original images?

Unedited images are not a true representation of our work.  The editing process is a part of our creative work flow.  We retain the artistic rights to which images are chosen and how they are edited.  Again, we do everything we can to create the images you want provided you let us know what you looking for.

When will we see our proofs?

In about a week, I will send you an email to let you know your gallery is online.  Your gallery will be online for at least one year for you to choose your prints and make your purchase.  If you would like, we can meet with you to go through your proofs together. I can help you create custom products from your photos.

Can I put the photos on my blog or Facebook?

ABSOLUTELY! If you see your images on our Facebook page, please tag yourself. Once you have placed your order, you can request 3-4 specific favorites for me to add to our Facebook as well. Please leave my logo on your images when re-posting them.

Are you willing to travel?

We are willing to travel within the Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Travel surcharges may apply if you too far outside of our service area.

What if our session is rained out or postponed due to other inclement weather (heavy wind included)?

We will reschedule your session as soon as your schedule, our schedule, and the weather allows.