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Created 18-Jan-16
36 photos

Ebby (Ebenezer) of Mended Hearts Rescue, Indianapolis.
Ebby (Ebenezer)Ebby (Ebenezer)Ebby (Ebenezer)Ebby (Ebenezer)Ebby (Ebenezer)Ebby (Ebenezer)Ebby (Ebenezer)Ebby (Ebenezer)Ebby (Ebenezer)Ebby (Ebenezer)Ebby (Ebenezer)Ebby (Ebenezer)Ebby & BuffyEbby & BuffyEbby (Ebenezer)Ebby (Ebenezer)Ebby (Ebenezer)Ebby (Ebenezer)Ebby (Ebenezer)Ebby (Ebenezer)

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Kim White(non-registered)
I am so privileged to know Ebby! What a fantastic doggy personality he is! Love these pictures!!
Jennifer Turner(non-registered)
These are great! Thank you again for all that you do. You did a great job captioning my fosters. Definitely brought a smile to my face.
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